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A little information about your day at the torch…..


You will have a full day of instruction where you will learn a little bit of history about lampworking....about safety....about studio setup (if you want your own studio)…..and finally about bead making…too much fun!!


The bead making portion will be a hands on, private lesson which will have one on one instruction. You will learn how to make a bead and how to decorate it by using different types of glass to do so. The glass will be provided by us and will be included in the cost of the lesson. This is a beginner class with the opportunity to sign up for an advanced class where you would learn more difficult techniques. Some light refreshments will be offered, however, there are plenty of local restaurants to enjoy during your hour long lunch.


You will keep the beads that you make but will have to pick them up the following day as they have to be annealed in the kiln overnight. I’m sure that you will be so excited with seeing how your beads turned out, so I will have you come the next day to take your creations out of the kiln to be cleaned using tools in the studio! You will then be able to use these beads in your own jewellery pieces. Once this lesson is complete, you will be on your way to being able to make your very own beads!!


The cost for the lesson is $200 per person. Times: Day One: 10-4 and Day Two: 2-3:30ish.


If you want to continue to experiment with this art, you can always rent studio/torch time at my studio. Please see TORCH/STUDIO RENTAL tab for more information.


Beware----Once you try it you will be addicted!!


Thanks for your interest!

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