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Leaf Clay Cutter

Leaf Clay Cutter




~Custom designed and 3D printed using top quality PLA 

~Custom designed with sharp tapered edges for a clean cut on your clay project (some sanding may still need to be done)

~Strong walls on the cutter blade make it durable when pressing into the clay.  Helps with keeping the shape and sizes in tact.

~Measurements are from the longest length of the cutter blade NOT including the base/handle.  If you need to know the dimensions that the entire cutter would be simply add a few extra millimetres on to the dimensions I've posted or contact me.  

~Good sized base to push on making for comfortable use



~Hand wash with soap and water

~Use rubbing alcohol to wipe down cutter edge also

~Store in a cool , dry place

~Do not wash in a dishwasher

~Do not keep in direct sunlight or expose to heat

~TIPS:  dab the cutter blade on a damp sponge before using to prevent the clay from sticking to it.

~You could dust a bit of cornstarch on the blade to prevent sticking.  Should clay get stuck in the corners and crevices...try using a toothpick or pin to gently scoop it out....being mindful to not scratch the plastic or break the embossed areas.  The cutters are very durable but can still be damaged.  Please use care!  

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