Moroccan Style Cutter

Moroccan Style Cutter


Welcome to TOG Jewels! We are a polymer clay jewelry shop but have some exciting news!!! We have recently launched our NEW polymer clay cutters for the clay community.

A little bit about the product:

🌷 custom designed and 3D printed 🌷made from top quality PLA

🌷custom designed with sharp tapered edges for a clean edge (some sanding may still be needed to clean up your edges)

🌷strong walls on the cutter blade make it durable when pressing into clay. Helps with keeping the shape and sizes in tact

🌷measurements are from the longest length of the cutter blade NOT including the base/handle. (See photo with measuring tape). If you need to know the dimensions that the entire cutter would be simply add a few extra millimeters on to the dimensions I’ve posted. If you need exact measurements…please message me and I will help you out!

🌷good sized base to push on makes for a comfortable use

Cutter Care:

🌷Hand wash with soap and water

🌷Use rubbing alcohol to wipe down bald edge also.

🌷Store in a cool, dry place

🌷Do not wash in a dishwasher

🌷Do not keep in direct sunlight or expose to heat

🌷TIPS: dab the cutter blade on a damp sponge before using to prevent the clay from sticking to it.

You could dust a bit of cornstarch on the blade to prevent sticking. Should clay get stuck in the corners and crevices….try using a toothpick or pin to gently scoop it out….being mindful to not scratch the plastic or break the embossed areas. The cutters are very durable but can still be damaged.