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Rough Sandpaper Textured Roller

Rough Sandpaper Textured Roller



This roller provides the texture of Sandpaper without leaving the little bits and pieces that actual sandpaper can leave in the clay.  
It measures at 22mm wide and 70mm tall


TOG Rollers are high quality & finely detailed rollers for polymer clay & pottery clay.


🌷Some facts about our rollers


Our rollers are made from hard durable ecological resin plastic(PLA), you can easily clean them and they should last you a lifetime.


What is PLA? PLA, is a thermoplastic made from renewable resources such as corn starch, tapioca roots or sugar cane, unlike other industrial materials made primarily from petroleum. This PLA material is not only ecological but is also extremely durable….making it great for making tools. Our designed rollers have super intricate details which leave very nice texture on your clay.


The rollers are approx. 3 inches long and 0.5 inch wide (75x12.5 mm). Other sizes can be ordered. Simply message for a length of your choice.


🌷How to use the rollers


Simply roll out your clay and then place roller on one end of your clay. With slight pressure…roll the roller across your clay leaving an imprint behind. To prevent your clay from sticking to the roller…simply wet the roller prior to use or dust a bit of cornstarch on the roller. You can experiment with different pressures to leave a deep imprint or a subtle imprint. It’s your design…make it your own!


You will get a continuous pattern on your clay as the design on the cutter has been designed for a seamless impression.


🌷Cleaning of the rollers


I recommend cleaning our rollers with warm soap water. Easy peasy.


I do not recommend putting the rollers in a dishwasher or using too hot of water to clean. Warm water and dish soap should do the trick.


I use a variety of different colours of PLA. Your roller may not be the colour that is shown in the picture. Should you need it to be a specific colour…please private message me.

The color of rollers in my pictures may vary in tint.


We strive to create the very best quality items. You will love them!

Please share your creations with all of us!!


Feel free to contact us with any questions!


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